Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Netflix Tale

Throughout time, I've done a few Netflix tree trials - different email addresses, different credit card numbers, and if necessary, different names. (My middle name has become my first name on at least a few occasions.)

My most recent free trial was a full month long thanks to a special coupon code I was gifted, but in addition to its month long status, a big difference between this trial and others was that I actually kept my Netflix subscription afterward. There were several movies that I saw over the summer that I wanted to copy to my hard drive and watch again, and I've been waiting for them to come out on DVD. So at least until I can't think of any more movies I'm interested in watching either for the first time or for permanent ownership evaluation, I'm keeping my Netflix membership.

At some point, I asked my dad if he could recommend any films for me to watch of the cult classic variety. He suggested a few (Time Bandits? Loved. It had mischievous midgets. I could not ask for anything else. Lost in America? Didn't do it for me. The wife was too square and the husband too shrill. Repo Man? Yes, yes yes. Radioactive cars and young punkish Emilio Estevez. Awesome.) and I ended up putting The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome on my queue.

Shortly afterward, I was browsing Netflix's recommended titles for me based on movies I had previously requested and rated. And lo and behold:

Thank you, Netflix, for recognizing my taste for violent films, but...

starring Mel Gibson? Two of the movies I have had on my queue, ever, have starred Mel Gibson. (The aforementioned Road Warrior and Thunderdome, Mad Max's 2 and 3, respectively) and suddenly "Violent Movies starring Mel Gibson" is a trend of mine?

Whatever, I'll take it. At least for me, Netflix's prediction algorithm is hilarious. Comedy silver, if not gold.

(Happy International Drunk Blogging Day! I've had pleeeenty of sake and beer to commemorate the event.)

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