Thursday, February 18, 2010

First workout fail (kind of)

It's too soon to start blowing it, but I already missed the P90x scheduled workout today, which was "Yoga X." It went like this - I got up at my usual (new) early time, turned on the video, and found that it's nearly 40 minutes longer than all of the other workouts, presumably because yoga is less cardio and more sustained series of movements.

I did, however, turn on a Denise Austen pilates video I also have on my computer and did her core, hips, and thighs workout. I got a good little burn going and am proud of myself that I still pulled together a workout rather than just going back to sleep (so tempting), but paranoid and disappointed about skipping a day of the P90x regimen. Note to self: on yoga days, wake up even earlier. Ew.

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  1. So, pass on the goods, will ya? I can bring blank dvds to class... :P