Monday, January 16, 2012

Shouldn't you be focusing on, like, hunger in Africa instead of stuff like this?

This is one of those little things that "women's interests" people tend to notice and get irked by, even if it isn't the biggest deal in the world. I signed up for Pinterest, and immediately after registering my username, it asked me to give them some of my (very general) interests so that it could suggest some people with those interests to follow. After selecting several categories, this is what I got (click on the image to view larger size):

Notice how all of the suggested people to follow, except in the "Hair and Beauty" and "Women's Apparel" categories -- obviously! --, are men. These people are probably selected, to some degree, at random, but this is a common enough occurrence that these things become a noticeable pattern moreso than a few isolated incidents. All together, when this kind of stuff happens as often as it does, it signals to women that there are "people interests" and "women's interests," and that "people interests" are best represented by men.

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