Monday, February 27, 2012

Cannonball Read IV

To any of you who were wondering how my not-often updated smorgasboard of a blog has of late become a slightly-more-often updated haven for book reviews, it's because I've been participating in the Cannonball Read IV (also known as the link at the top of every book review.)

There is an "about" section at the CBR4 site, but I'll summarize here: an entertainment blog I follow regularly, Pajiba, sponsors an annual challenge in honor of a former commenter who lost her battle to cancer. In the year preceding her premature passing, she challenged herself to read 100 books; unfortunately she was not able to reach her goal.

Since then, the owner of Pajiba has sponsored readers and commenters to try to read 52 books in a year -- a more attainable goal for most of us -- and for everyone who can, a donation will be made in her honor.

I don't have a lot of money to donate myself to charity (though I would like to.) I try to make a few donations a year, but this year is tighter for me than in years past, so I've been thinking of ways I can volunteer my time instead. This is one unusual way of doing that: it's taking something I already love to do, but it is a bit of a challenge because in the last few years I'm lucky if I've allowed myself the time to read 10 books in a year. Reading 52 requires me to keep up the pace of reading about 2 in a week, and writing the book reviews as evidence that I've done it.

So I've finished two more books this week that I need to review, as well as review a book I read awhile ago that I've been slacking on because I hated the book. So I'm a little bit behind, but I'm going to keep doing my best.

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