Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here are some scattered thoughts.

-- Ack! Totally different Blogger format! Deep breaths. Okay. It just looks like the rest of Google now. Freakout averted.

--I made a Mad Men GIF of Peggy's "WTF? ...nm" face

-- So, Coachella. I went. I'm going to do a more in-depth write up later (mostly so that I can remember my life when I'm old) but I wanted to address a lolworthy comment here really quick. So, it's kind of obvious that Coachella is in a bit of a Brochella phase and that, well, there are a lot more douchey people there than in years past. But what's funny is when people say "Coachella got too mainstream. People who are there now only care about the image. I don't want to go any more because I care about the music." Let me make it clear: only people who do, in fact, care about image would choose not to go to a music festival because of the other people who go there.

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