Friday, July 20, 2012

My data file will be too big

You know what I don't love? "Integrated" comments sections.

I don't mean this in a post-Civil Rights movement kind of way.

I mean it like this:
Yesterday we rolled out an upgraded commenting system, making it easy to include your Facebook and Twitter friends in your comments. Our new system allows for email notifications and you can see what your friends are up to as well. Managing your account is now easier than ever through My Voice Nation, where you can create your own personal profile for LA Weekly by connecting with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google.
That's from an email I got today from LA Weekly, a place I've commented probably once. But really -- what is all of this nonsense about needing to "include" my friends in my comments? I need my Facebook friends following me all over the internet about as much as I need another Facebook layout change.

I don't understand the necessity of my entire internet being integrated. I don't need my Facebook contacts involved in every little thing I do online. Do I drag my friends all over my real life with me? No! Do I tell my friends every time I have a comment to make to someone or something? No!

Services like this are usually opt-out, so I don't have to share everything, but the more and more that I see these services, the more and more I feel like the internet is moving in that direction, and I'm going to be pretty old school if I don't want to invite ~350 Facebook friends along for my daily road trip through the tubes.

So... it was building up to this: INTERNET, GET OFF MY LAWN!

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