Sunday, September 6, 2009

Musings over beef and Blackboard

So I should stop being intimidated of the professors in grad school. In our program meeting on Friday, the director asked who among us had started contacting their professors and informing them we were interested in working in their labs. Slightly more than half of the students raised their hands.

The rest of us glanced sheepishly around at each other, feeling pound-for-pound like the goobers that we are.

Once I get in a lab working on a project, I'm motivated. I like it a lot. I'm interested in the work. It's the reason I went to grad school. But as of right now, I'm feeling years behind everyone else because it only halfway occurred to me that I should talk to profs before getting sorted into lab rotations, and then once it did occur to me I halfway dismissed the thought out of intimidation. Then, goldfish memory that I have, I promptly forgot all about that notion until Friday.

So now I'm scrambling to contact professors, hoping that they won't have already spoken with other students and verbally committed to them. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

So few things are better than a delicious steak:

Casper and I tried out Jar Restaurant, owned by Suzanne Tracht of Top Chef Masters. I got the sirloin chop with a fried egg on top (how could I resist??) and Casper got the skirt steak. His was better than mine, but mine was also delicious. And for all of the apprehensiveness about the price, it's still cheaper than Ruth's Chris, which serves a scrumptious steak but most reasonably sized cuts are upwards of $40. At Jar, all but one of the steak selections were under that benchmark, so I'd definitely want to go back and try a different cut. Yum!

Punk Says the Darndest Things
"Last night, I had a dream that baby kittens were attacking my feet. And I was trying to shake them off, but they just kept biting me harder. And it wasn't a cute attack, it was actually really mean!"



  1. Dude VonDuder... that steak looks ridiculously delish! And where's the pic of the egg n steak?? (I hope that's what they called it on the menu)

  2. Nah.. it was called chopped sirloin. Here's a pic... had to Google images this one:

  3. OH DAMN!! That looks AMAZING!