Friday, March 9, 2012


Spotify is really cool. It's made listening to music so, so easy.

But their ads (yes! I'm broke and don't want to pay for Spotify Premium, no matter how much they tell me to!) are some of the most discombobulating ads on Internet Radio. I'll just be jamming to whatever it was that I had playing, and then out of nowhere one of their ads will come in blaring some horrid Chris Brown song and telling me to check out their Top 40 playlist. Spotify -- you can probably track what I'm listening to, right? Whatever made you think I would want the Top 40 playlist? If I wanted to listen to Top 40 radio, well, I wouldn't need Spotify. I'd just turn on Top 40 radio. It's really disconcerting when I'm just going about my business, listening to something I like, and out of nowhere you assault my ears with 30 seconds of crap I'd never listen to voluntarily. Cut that out, man!

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