Monday, May 21, 2012

Things we call ourselves

Everyone has nicknames, even those who vehemently oppose them. I've had several over time, including the standard abbreviation (Manda,) the creative --and now one of my internet handles of choice -- (mandoir,) and the aughts-age trendy (ACrow.)

The only name I've ever rejected was "Mandy." Only two people have ever called me this, and both have done it at least a little ironically. My high school dance teacher, seemingly in an effort to construct the barfiest name possible, named me "Mandy Cane." This crossed over the "offensively annoying" line into "campy and hilarious," and I allowed it. The second person is my dad. I do this thing where I make what I call the "snuggly bunny face" (there are a few different variations of this, but they all involve cutesy hands and a shit-eating grin) and I say "Daaaddy" in a cutesy voice, and then he makes snuggly bunny face back and goes "Maaaandy" in the same cutesy voice. This is one of those things that is either not funny unless you're us, or funny because you know us and it's ridiculous.

What are some of your favorite and most despised nicknames?


  1. I'm weird about nicknames. There haven't really been any nicknames that I didn't like (well, except for when Steve calls me T.Pain bc I'm a pain in his ass) but I feel like people need to know me before they can shorten my name. Or ask my permission. I think it's super annoyin when people I've just met call me Tiff. Hello, you're not my friend - don't call me that! Also, I hate when people spell it Tif. It just looks stupid. Haha I've thought a lot about this topic.

    1. Haha, T-Pain is kind of hilarious! And I'm the same way about people I just met. But who spells your name "Tif?" That's just weird!

  2. Don't forget 'Biggy Mc Big Mac'. *wink!