Friday, June 1, 2012

Zhang Ziyi

Usually I read Hollywood gossip, smile to myself, and move on. But this week's salacious story about Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is a bit more interesting, with its allegations that she was paid more than $100 million (!!) to sleep with several high-ranking Party officials.

It's more interesting, yes, but I still didn't give it too much more thought until I read this article today. It's a fascinating perspective. And I couldn't help but love the way it wrapped up, which is why I'm talking about it here:
Given the disgusting nature of the Chinese entertainment industry and how they’ve always treated their talent, I don’t doubt that she was passed around. And she would have been FORCED. So instead of hating on her for it, calling her a whore, and labelling her a loose woman, consider the circumstances of the country that owns her. What are the choices for Chinese women born to low pedigree in China? Google Foxconn right now and read about the working conditions of factory employees making iPads and iPods every day for less than a dollar, living in cramped quarters and dismal conditions. The word OPTION is a f-cking luxury. 9 out of 10 women at Foxconn would have done what Zhang Ziyi allegedly did. I recommend a lot more sympathy for her before calling her a hooker. She’s caught in a mess between international governments and media interests that have everything to gain by bringing her down.
I have no insight, personally, into the Chinese entertainment industry, but if what this article says is mostly true, then yeah. Sign me up for Team Give Zhang Ziyi a Break.

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