Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Everyone knows I love bacon, but this will be new.

I love bean sprouts.

My choice sushi joint in the Valley serves a bean sprout appetizer along with miso soup when you walk in the door, and I usually end up eating several servings of them.

They weren't something I ever thought to pick up at the store, but when my mom needed some last night to go into an Asian-inspired peanut sauce pasta she was making last night, I bought a lot more than she needed - and I plan on cooking them up for myself for the rest of the week.

In addition to the superfluous playlist of the day, which will be at the end as always, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to one song in particular. I am sure it has been included on a previous playlist, but I think it's special enough to deserve its own spotlight. It has one of the sickest bass drops I've heard in awhile almost a minute in - a standout remix of an already great song.

And here's the rest...

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