Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumped for the weekend

I pretty much have no plans, but I've been tired and feeling very pressed for time all week. I'm not exactly sure why. Well... I did have a midterm today, but it was open-note, so I wasn't exactly feeling the heat on that front. It was just one of those weeks, I guess.

This Roman Polanski shit really bothers me. I'm not even going to get into it. Suffice it to say that his supporters confound and enrage me.

What else... oh, there are a few things that I want/need to buy, but I overindulged a bit this month. I'd love to get a pair of black mid-calf boots with a low wedge, similar to a pair of brown Fryes I already have. Additionally, there is this black leather obi style belt on ebay that I keep almost buying, but then I'm never sure what I'd wear it with. New Rainbow sandals. Need some, wondering which variety I want. New black Uggs, since the ones I had were fake Uggs and just nowhere near as soft and durable on the inside (and frankly given how fugly Ugg boots are, the inside is what matters.) Shoes in general - I'm kind of over mine.

The lab I'm working in the semester promises to be pretty laid-back. I'm only needed twice a week, and I'm the lone (temporary) genetics person so it seems that I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff similar to what I did in undergrad in terms of analyzing genetic screens. I am kind of wondering if, despite genetics being my favorite thing to learn more about, I actually want to do genetics work. A lot of it is very data-processing oriented as it gets more and more into complex disease study, and that's kind of where the field is at right now. We'll see.

I really want to see Whip It, Zombieland, and Where the Wild Things Are when it comes out.

In honor of my anticipation building for the weekend, here's an extra long weekend playlist.

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