Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So basically most people who have ever eaten with me know that I am obsessed with eggs.

At this point in time, I can't really say I've met an egg I didn't like. But (and Casper can attest to this, as I've recently asked him if he can remember it) I didn't always crave eggs. In fact, for most of my life, I didn't even really like eggs that much at all.

On Saturdays at home, my dad would cook scrambled eggs, and those were the only kind of eggs I ate. I quickly found that if I ever ordered them at a restaurant, they were almost always too dry for my taste. It also seemed like the longer the eggs were cooked, they also tasted different in addition to being dry. The long and the short of it was I only liked my dad's eggs - so those were the only eggs I ate.

My mom had an easy egg cooker that would do pseudo-poached eggs. I ate those from time to time and liked the runny yolks, but I never made them myself and it never occurred to me that I could order various runny-yolked eggs when I was out and about.

The first omelet I ever had was in the dorms, my freshman year at UCLA. It was delicious! I was totally converted. I soon came to find out from others that those weren't even *good* omelets (almost 5 years later, I can say that while I've had better omelets, the ones at the dorms really aren't bad. Really. Especially since they added spinach, bacon, tomato, and feta to the ingredient options. Seriously nommy, for reals.)

But even then, I had those omelets about once a week at brunch, and they were good, and I looked forward to them, but I didn't start having the egg *cravings* until I moved into GPhi. I thought it might be some kind of nutritional deficiency at first - kind of like how (allegedly) some people crave and eat dirt when they have iron deficiencies. (Another sidebar - when doctors thought I might be anemic freshman year, they asked me this very question - if I ever ate dirt for fun.) I'd always look at the hard-boiled eggs Kimmy put out and I'd want to take two to eat and another to put on my salad. It was out of control. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

3 years later, I can't say things have much changed. I'd be stoked to eat eggs for every meal. Every time I go to a restaurant and see eggs on the menu, I have to will myself away from the eggs section and look for something else. Even when I go to get sushi, I order salmon eggs - they frequently ask me if I'm sure that's what I want, like I guess that's hardcore or something. If I don't deliberately steer away from eggs, I end up like that time at Jar with Casper when I ordered the eggs 'n' sirloin which, while delicious, was basically a burger patty with an egg on top, and his steak was a legit gourmet feast. I vowed that when I go back I am going to get a real steak and not fall prey to the egg trap.

I wonder if I'll ever fall out of love with eggs as quickly as I fell in love with them. I don't know. But what I do know now is that I'm enjoying every egg I eat, and if one of my bizarre quirks basically boils down to me enjoying food *too much*, I can't say I'm doing too badly in life.

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  1. Hahaha wow, this was egg-tastic! I wish I liked eggs as much as you do, hell, I wish I liked eggs (and beer) in general. Alas, the only kind of eggs I like are caviar and Cadbury.