Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I didn't watch the Oscars, but...

Just like every year, there are nominations I agree with, nominations I disagree with, movies I haven't seen or heard of that are somehow nominated for everything, and movies/characters/actors that fail to be recognized by the Academy. Let's focus on some of my favorites in the latter category, shall we?

Best "Actor" in a Supporting Role:

Dug from Up was one of my favorite characters of the year from one of my favorite movies of the year. This guy was just too freaking precious, with some of the best lines spoken all year:

"My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you."
"Hey, that is a bird! I have never seen one up close, but this is a bird."
"I was hiding under your porch because I love you."
"Won't you please be my prisoner, please please please!"
"Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, 'I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.' Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead."

Best Original Screenplay:

Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, and Scott Sanders for Black Dynamite (White was also the leading actor)
Ok, it's kind of cheating for me to list this one because I didn't see it until last weekend (though it was released in 2009 so TOTALLY eligible, technically.) So what was the deal with the complete lack of promotion and press for this movie? It was hands-down one of the top 5 funniest movies of 2009. A well-done and good-intentioned parody of 1970's blaxploitation films, Black Dynamite really deserved to be screened at more theaters and receive a lot more buzz than it actually did. I hope it gets more attention on DVD because it is definitely worth watching. Here are some memorable quotes, though frankly the whole movie was full of memorable quotes that make more sense in context:

O'Leary: We heard about your brother's death and we don't want you running around turning the streets into rivers of blood.
Black Dynamite: Then tell me who did it and I'll just leave a puddle.

Black Dynamite: First Lady, I'm sorry I pimp slapped you into that china cabinet.

Black Dynamite: Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!

Black Dynamite: Now Aunt Billy, how many times have I told you not to call here and interrupt my Kung Fu!

Black Dynamite: The worst thing about these dealers getting children addicted to this new smack, is that these children are ORPHANS…. And orphans don’t have parents.


  1. Excellent choices! I haven't seen Black Dynamite, but you've convinced me with those excellent quotes. Hope it's available on demand!

  2. You totally need to see it. And if it's not on demand, I have it on DVD! So I can bring it over and we can watch it sometime.