Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Star -- I'm Amanda.

I found this fun thing over at my friend MS3's blog, which seems cool because I'm always looking for new stuff online! And because I think more people need to encounter my genius (duh.)

Anyway, let's see. At the moment, my life revolves mainly around my graduate program in genetics, but when I'm not at school, I actively pursue reading as much as I can (both online and novels,) drinking craft beer, exploring music, and catching up on TV shows I forgot to watch the first time (recently concluded: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) I also love eating food, but I'm not too great at cooking. I'm working on it though!

On my blog, you're likely to find book reviews, feminist musings, science-y rants, random reflections and introspections, and, if I'm lucky, the occasional laugh or too.

I also really like bunnies.

I've described this blog recently as my "word dump." If you have found me here but think you may be more interested in either of my other two Internet Stations, feel free to check those out. At one of them I exclusively write about beer, and at the other, on Tumblr, I post songs, photos of nail polish and art, things I've cooked, random internet flotsam... and bunny pictures.

Here's a colorful photo from a show I was at recently, because... colors.


  1. Isn't this fun?! I had never even heard of a link up before today, but it seems like a really cool way to find more blogs you like and to allow others who might enjoy your blog to find it! Happy link up! :)

  2. haha YAY colors! that's a cool picture! And I love your love for beer.

    1. And you're a wine fan! :D Good people. Looks like you've also got e-cards and Magic Mike, so how could I stay away? Followed ;)

  3. Hi Amanda, thank you so much for linking up. love blogs that are all about the word dumps!