Friday, June 8, 2012

Unsolicited advice

"You have great legs, but you should get a tan."

This is one of those things that guys should keep to themselves. I know I'm pale, and I'm not insulted that he pointed it out, but I'm just not that interested in anyone else's thoughts about my color (or my legs in general, really.)


  1. You go girl. I HATE when men try to "help us" by giving us unsolicited advice, like they are doing us some sort of "favor." Excuse me, who asked YOU?! Maybe I think you should decrease your douchiness, but you don't see me sayin something.
    Anyway, also proud of you for not giving into the only-orange-is-beautiful train if thought. Pale is beautiful too! And at least you're not gonna get melanoma! Just sayin...

    1. It's irritating and uncomfortable. I don't ask for that kind of attention and it's even worse that I'm considered ungrateful when I receive it.