Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day, another egg lunch

It turns out I don't have class on Mondays. Cool. I'm still not sure what my schedule is going to be like this year; I know for the first month I only have classes and no lab rotations because classes work on semester system and rotations work on quarter system, so they start later.

The rotations this year involve me working in labs to test them out and basically see who is doing research that I like, and just as importantly which professors I get along with well. I wonder what the time committment will be like for rotations - I imagine it will be more time than I did for undergrad research (10-12 hours/week) but I'm technically only getting four units of class credit for it, and I'm taking actual classes. I'm not sure how much time they can realistically require from us with so few units dedicated to the research.

Anyway, onto bad photos of food. This actually wasn't from today, but I didn't get a chance to post it before. This was really easy, though there was a pan handle mitt casualty in the process. It's just two poached eggs on a bed of spinach leaves with some sauteed shallots. Olive oil/salt dressing.

The shallots:

The scorched mitt (just so you don't forget that though I obsess over food and the random things I prepare, I am still defunct in the kitchen):

The salad:


Action Radar and Funky Shit - The Prodigy
I don't listen to that much of The Prodigy any longer, even though they (he?) have/has continued to release new material into the aughts. I think a lot of it sounds a little dated, but when it comes up in shuffle it's still fun music. "Action Radar" is hard hitting, and "Funky Shit" was a favorite of mine in high school. It's, well, funky.

Aqueous Transmission - Incubus
I'll never not love Incubus.

Believer - BT
Fun late-90s style trance (basically the peak era of raving), featured in the 1999 film Go. I like this one a lot.

Eriatarka - The Mars Volta
A lot of people consider The Mars Volta to be kind of snobby, esoteric music. "Eriatarka" is from what is in my opinion one of TMV's more *accessible* (to use a snobby, esoteric word) albums, De-loused in the Comatorium (and I think the most accessible would be their latest, Octahedron.) Anyhoo, "Eriatarka" is one of my favorite TMV songs - it's truly an experience for me but I lack the musical vocabulary to describe what makes it such an entirely awesome song. I can tell you that pretty much every time it comes on I stop what I'm doing and allow it to just paint a picture in my imagination of some kind of random scene. Pretty hippie-ish, no?

It Don't Come Easy - Pixie
This song is in my library as part of an ILS mixed-set album, Y4K. It's kind of poppy breakbeats. Good, clean, fun.

Dirty Sticky Floor - Dave Gahan (JunkieXL remix)
This is a trance classic! This song goes so many places within 8 minutes, which may seem long to the uninitiated electronic music sampler, but if that describes you than this song may qualify as a perfect introduction to the genre. Each of the 8 minutes feels different and fresh, and as the main riff weaves its way in and out of the beats throughout you'll always be glad to hear it return after the buildups.

Little Secrets - Passion Pit
So, Passion Pit is getting big! Good for them! Most of you will have already been introduced to "Sleepyhead" either through my indoctrination or via the Internet. The EP Chunk of Change was famously written for the lead singer's girlfriend at the time, and after distribution the group was invited to record a full length album, Manners. "Little Secrets" is a new gem off of Manners, fun and summery and with a charming kids' choir to boot!

Test Transmission - Kasabian
Kasabian aren't vanguard artists, but I do enjoy their work as a pretty solid entry into the electronic rock genre.

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