Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOST days remaining: 4

Something I learned on Gangland today:
the "art" of hiding something in the rectum (for use in prisons, for instance) can be called "keester stashing."

I've been making a particular tasty lunch for myself that's relatively easy (outside of the fact that I have a hard time flipping eggs and pancakes and things of that nature. Consider me spatula-challenged) that I decided to photo-document in part. Here's where I learned that in addition to having shortcomings in cooking ability, I also have shortcomings in food photography. You know how people are hired to take pictures that make the Big Mac look like the damn most delectable thing you'll ever have in your mouth? And then you actually get the burger and it looks like the deflated, hungover cousin of the Big Mac you saw in the picture on the menu?

I do the reverse of that. If I'm lucky, I can blame my cell phone camera. Regardless, it's not suitable for food porn. So basically what I'm going to show you looked a lot better in person.

I first of all sliced up some cheese bread and toasted it, then put some sliced tomatoes on top. Afterward I put some warm carnitas (and let me tell you all right now if you ever get the chance you have got to get a pound of carnitas from Vallarta market, you won't regret it) and let it sit there for a bit while I fried up an egg over-easy and mashed some guacamole.

Amanda's surefire guacamole recipe (lulz):
pico de gallo from Baja Fresh or Poquito Mas

So this is what the sandwich looked like with the egg up ons it:

I had taken a picture of the sandwich prior to the egg, but no angle could make the carnitas look less sad and brown, unfortunately. And again - I swear in person it looked amazing!

The final product:

Guacamole smeared on eggs on meat on tomato on bread. Good right?

To conclude, here's my playlist for today of some things that popped up on iTunes shuffle.


  1. That sammy looks fuckin delicious!! I ate like Oprah today and it STILL made me hungry! And, I've decided you should also blog about music, bc everyone's favorite Asian was sharing w me about your electronic music guru-ness and I was terribly jealous. Thus, the only way I can seek your genius is over the Internets. Please?? :)

  2. I suppose at the very least I could try to add a playlist like that on for most posts :) But Asian is too kind - I'm not sure if I'm enough of a guru to actually write at length about music too often!

    Glad the sammich looks good to someone! Vegans would cower in fright...