Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They don't take 50 minutes to go over the syllabus in grad school

First day of class today. Thought I was going to learn about cells; instead got a reasonably comprehensive review of basic biochemical thermodynamics. It was helpful as a memory refresher, one that fortunately I recognized fairly early on into the lecture that I needed, otherwise I would have surely started counting sheep. This stuff isn't exactly my bread and butter.

My parents keep teasing me and asking if I'm going to buy any USC clothing. I'm wondering if it would be cheating to get a "USC Keck School of Medicine" shirt. I mean, I'm not a "med student," but my program is operated through the medical school. Sorry, but no way am I going to sport a cardinal and gold USC shirt. It's really just not ever going to happen. I'll definitely buy a keychain though. I think it's the least I can do, considering I'm more than likely going to be here longer than UCLA...


Hussel - M.I.A.
A lot of people viewed M.I.A. as a one-woman musical revolution. I don't have the street cred to make such a proclamation and have people take me seriously; however, I think she's very good. This song especially rocks for me - it might be my very favorite of hers. It's very hard hitting and also very poignant.

Slide In - Goldfrapp
It seems like my shuffle is kind of giving me repeat artists this week :] Anyway, I don't think I gave Goldfrapp enough credit last time. The group made their name kind of doing soft, haunting melodies; they later transitioned to a more electro-pop dance sound. I think both sounds suit them nicely, and I like this song a lot. It hearkens back to the 80s a bit (which always works for me) and I think the vocal work is very fun and well-done.

You Look So Fine - Garbage
Garbage was my main band in middle school. I thought Shirley Manson freaking rocked (well, I still do.) This is one of my favorite Garbage songs - longing and sad, Shirley's vocals really spoke to me as an angsty middle schooler. But truthfully, this song really holds up for me and I still listen to it a lot.

Desperate Guys - The Faint
The Faint kind of seems to have a shtick to me, but I think they do it well. A good deal of their songs seem to be about sex (however ambiguously) and they definitely work the retro-electro-rock sound --this may be a good place for me to interject that I make up all of these so-called "genres" because I really just don't know what else to call them-- and I think they're generally a good band to check out. Good hipster party music.

If I Ever Recover - Basement Jaxx
A slower selection from Basement Jaxx, this song features a string symphony (or at least a good-sounding faux one) and is niiiice and pretty. I have liked this song previously as a good one to study to.

Rogues - Incubus
What can I ever say about Incubus? Well, for one thing, though I love their old stuff with all of the loyalty and nostalgia I can muster, I really do think they are getting better with age! Off 2006's Light Grenades, the musicality in this song just freaking rocks.

Feed Your Mind - Oakenfold
Ok, this will probably be enough Oakenfold to appear on this for awhile, even if shuffle keeps churning him out :] He's gotten a lot of criticism ever since, oh, say 2002, when Bunkka was released. The usual complains - he went too *mainstream*. His following production albums, including A Lively Mind, from which this song was released, did little to appease his critics. I still think he releases - if nothing else - very fun music, and this song definitely fits the bill.

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