Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lots Of Spare Time (LOST) Days Remaining: 5

So, I figured I'd start blogging. Not because of an abundance of anything especially exciting to say, but rather because it seemed like kind of the cool thing to do, and if I ever did come up with something I wanted to share (but didn't want to force upon people on Facebook via newsfeed who might not care) this would be a place to scribe it into the annals of pointless Internet history.

I anticipate that many posts will be of me ranting, or discussing food. Don't think this is a "food blog" though; I can't cook and have a pretty non-discriminating palate. So by "discussing food" I really mean "partaking in an online outlet for fat kid behavior." Also, as per an inside joke with Casper, I plan on introducing a "special feature" called "Punk Says the Darndest Things." Because she does. And I want to share them.

Also, as I was discussing the idea of blogging with a few people (namely, Tiffany and Michelle/FriendlyLee1214) I brought up the notion of grad school musings, which seemed to have a warm reception. So perhaps some of that might find its way in here as well.

It's possible that at least some element of this blog helps me gain white people points back, since (I assume) those of you who are actually reading this know I'm the wrong kind of white person with honorable mention Asian points. I was thinking the grad school thing definitely helps, but upon re-reading the entry it appears that I don't even qualify for points in that area since suitable majors are only in the humanities.

In conclusion, I'll just leave you with some cute bunnies:

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  1. I think this is the most charmingly wholesome post I have ever read. Please continue. :)